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Belintra Sterisystem™ : Safeguarding sterility and patient safety with optimised logistics

Preventing cuts, tears and holes in wrapped instrument trays – and as such ensuring sterility of surgical instruments all the way from sterilisation to storage to surgery – can be a challenge.

With Belintra’s Sterisystem™ solution, you reduce touchpoints to two and avoid stacking of instrument trays onto each other. This results in drastically improved sterility, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Read this email extract from an excited prospect :

“I have to say – I have never seen a more comprehensive solution to sterile storage and supply!  What an awesome system.  In my view, issues that your company has addressed:

  • Right sizing instrumentation trays and storage – reduction in wasted space
  • Reduction, if not eliminating multiple touching, lifting, moving trays
  • A case cart system that accommodates the trays without stacking
  • A storage system that accommodates trays without stacking
  • Intuitive design, such as polymer handles (on case carts) to reduce, if not eliminate over heated metal
  • Aluminum framework (of the storage solution) – no rusting and extremely less weight
  • Various sizes and configurations (of the storage solution) to accommodate any space restrictions

Please work with (…) so that we do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to become more in line with compliance and regulatory guidelines!  Not to mention, enhancing the safety of all staff involved with sterilizing, transporting and receiving sterile supply.”

Christopher A. DuBay, CST BAS
Perioperative Business Manager at McLaren Port Huron Hospital – Michigan USA

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