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  • Posted on 21/03/2016
  • Posted by Belintra

On a regular basis Belintra has end of series, demonstration or showroom models which we put on sale at strongly reduced pricing. These models are still 100% functional, but show slight traces of use and can as such no longer be sold as new and neither be used in our own showroom.

In this document you will find an overview of the models currently available , including a short description and the reduced sales price. In case you are interested, always contact to ensure the product of your choice is still available.

Before delivering these to you, the models are checked once more on correct functionality.

You can order these by sending an email to mentioning the model description + the number of the model featured in the picture. The transport costs are per standard business procedures. Lead times for delivery are about 3 weeks following the order confirmation. There is no warranty on these demo/showroom models.

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