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Belintra delivers the unique Sterisystem™ logistical flow solution for increasing patient safety through optimized handling processes between SPD, storage and OR.

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Belintra – Logistical solutions for healthcare

An optimal organization of logistics is of primordial importance in healthcare services. Belintra is a leading European provider of hospital logistics solutions. We are much more than a supplier of equipment. We develop the necessary infrastructure, enable organizational and logistical processes, and implement workable solutions.

Thanks to efficient storage and transportation solutions, every healthcare organization can improve time and means invested in their patients’ well-being.

During 40 years Belintra has developed a wealth of experience in logistics and has thus become a real expert. Different product lines have been developed to serve the needs of specific departments, as well as (storage and transportation) solutions which can be used across different departments.

Many of our products have a modular approach to fit a diverse range of needs based on your facility’s specific requirements.

In the USA Belintra focuses on improving sterility and patient safety through optimized logistics. This is achieved by providing with Sterisystem the key elements for each milestone in the sterilization process, from cleaning instrument sets, to handling and transporting them between different departments and storing them for use at a later stage.

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