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WFHSS 2017 : Discover the brand new Belintra UBeTrack™ as a part of Belintra’s unique Sterisystem™ concept in Bonn


The annual Congress of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS) is scheduled for October 4th – 7th 2017. Read more

New offering from Belintra : UBeTrack™ – the unique compact and mobile storage system, building on the ultra-modular UBeFlex® concept


Do you also suffer from a lack of space in your (sterile) storage ? Then Belintra brings you a solution with the compact and mobile storage system UBeTrack™. With this resourceful storage system you can save up to 75% of corridor space and up to 33% of the total footprint. Read more

April 10th – World Wide Sciences of Sterilization Day – You deserve an applause !


At the occasion of the first Word Wide Sciences of Sterilization Day we want to applaud our customers and partners for whom sterilization is a daily experience.

You constantly work on processes and procedures to guarantee a better infection control and as such increase the patient safety.

Belintra is happy to contribute positively by means of the Sterisystem™ logistics solution which drastically reduces tears, cuts and holes in sterile wraps. You are not familiar yet with this concept ? Read more about it and discover what Sterisystem™ can do for your hospital.

Want some more personal explanation? Visit us during IAHCSMM booth #510.

Enjoy your day and hoping to see you in Nashville !

The Belintra Team

WFHSS : The last major international exhibition for Belintra in 2016


The annual Congress of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS) is scheduled for 26-29 October 2016. Read more

Dealing with Damaged Packaging of Loaner Sets


Read this article written by Nancy Chobin in the August 10th issue of Infection Control Today. With the Belintra Sterisystem Logistics Flow solution you can drastically reduce damaged packaging.

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