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Corporate sustainability

For Belintra´s management, corporate sustainability is a primary objective. Within Belintra, important standards and values apply on both the ecological and ethical levels:

1. Ecological standards and values

  • We strive for and always give preference to environmentally-friendly materials and production processes.
  • Preparation for ISO 14001 certification is currently under way. Belintra’s goal is to meet this standard in 2015. ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard that was developed by the International Organization for Standardization.
  • In product development, account is taken of the possibilities for separating the product into residual fractions that are suitable for recycling, such as aluminium, steel, various plastics, etc.
  • Environmentally-friendly business processes are important criteria when selecting and auditing our suppliers.

2. Ethical standards and values

  • Human beings are and remain at the centre of Belintra’s concerns: as customers, employees, suppliers and – in the broad sense of the term – all users, direct and indirect, of our products.
  • We make no distinctions based on gender or origin; we believe that everyone can make positive contributions and we appreciate them.
  • Belintra does not wish to use, process or trade in goods that are produced in conditions where the essential rights of the workers are not respected.
  • Ethical aspects are important criteria when selecting and auditing our suppliers.

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