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Sterisystem™ Closed Stainless Steel Carts

Our Sterisystem™ closed, washing-tunnel-resistant stainless steel transport carts are manufactured based on the DIN standard dimensions of 12 x 24 inch, with the idea of being able to use 2 DIN positions one after the other.  The 2 inch extra depth at the back means that this transport cart can also be used to transport slightly longer sets.

These Belintra Sterisystem™ transport carts are characterized by yellow plastic bumpers, handlebars and latch.  The new low model (43 inch) can double as a sterile field in the operating theatre.

When used with DIN Perfo-Safe® wire baskets or shelves, this case cart is a universal space-saving transport device. It is suitable for 2 DIN wire baskets or shelves or 1 ISO wire basket or shelf per level.

The Sterisystem™ washing-tunnel-resistant and shock-resistant transport carts with their unique space-saving design are perfect for safely transporting sterile instruments to the operating theatre and contaminated sets back to the sterilizing unit.

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